Qi Xia yoke

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Qi Xia yoke

Indlæg  Peter Løvbjerg Laursen on Ons dec 28, 2011 4:37 pm

Qi Xia Yoke.

yoke by peterlovbjerg, on Flickr
The Yoke in frot of 24 carats gold plated plate and soupball, fit for an emperor or a king

Again I was amazed by QI XIA, I got this outstanding yoyo from Hong Kong.

The surface and the finish are absolutely top quality.

Its whipped alloy in silver, and it shines I don’t remember anything shine as much as the Yoke yoyo from Qi Xia.

It came in the round box, as they always come in. The box you can turn the yoyo round and get a 360 degrees view.


anodizated alloy, color silver and it sparkles. Name ingraved with laser. You can chosse between silver or black anodizated alloy

The package says 67 gr. I measure it to 65 gr. The magnetic test confirms its alloy.

42, 7 mm wide. Diameter 56,4 mm. the bearing is a KK 10 ball Center track bearing size C,

response pads silicone rings. Gab 4,7 mm

Testin with a magnet.

Testing metal using a magnet. I have been asked about that now I’m trying to make it in plain English.

This is not so complicated as it seems, but you could make it so people can’t understand. :

Take your piece of metal and test its magnetization by sticking a magnet to it. If your metal sticks to the magnet, the metal could be cast iron or steel. If the metal does

not stick to the magnet, your metal could be copper, brass, solver or aluminum.


Determine whether or not your metal is steel metal by looking at the color of the metal. Short and long steel are often have a dark brownish color, while stainless steel is

shiny, silver and very bright.


Consider the color again if you determine that the metal is not steel. If the metal has a brightly colored reddish tint to it that is relatively shiny, the metal is most likely

copper metal. When copper is exposed to the elements, it turns green.


Look for any signs of yellow coloring on the metal. Copper and brass can often be confused with each other. Remember that copper is mostly red and brass is mostly



Look for signs of shiny, silvery colors with metals that are softer and more flexible than other metals. If you see these characteristics, you may have aluminum.


Check your metal by applying the magnet test again if you suspect that the metal is aluminum. Aluminum and tin can be mistaken for one another, but tin will stick to a

magnet while aluminum will not. Tin also has a similar color to aluminum but shows a slightly duller finish.


I found this on the internet, so much easier that my explantion ;-)

Now we know how to find metal, but if it is copper witch are quite heavy. the atomic weight are 63,546 and the yoyo are 65 grams. it would be 63,546x65=4130,49 Mol

that over 195 grams. I could do that to all the materials but thats not nessery. if it were titaium it would be leight but to expensive. So i asume

its alloy since it would either be to heavey or to expensive

yoke1 by peterlovbjerg, on Flickr
The Yoke in front of some old pharmaseutic bottles. the one labelt mumia means cranium

First impressions:

Throwing the yoyo ball hard, it’s spinning long time I make tricks to see if it tilts or wobble or there are any vibes.

It’s incredible stable, no tilt wow. Love it a lot indeed.

Let’s see the bind, its ok its response time are nice and tight and not too tight.

I like the form the Yoke have, it´s like YoyoFactory Avangarde and X3 Zeus the inside of the yoyo.

qi xia by peterlovbjerg, on Flickr

On the right Yoke and on the left Stampede, this picture are taken with no blitz only a lightbulb. Notice the difference in the brightness that is what i call sparkle.

It’s interesting do I believe it got any difference in the yoing experience?

No it´s doesn’t have anything with the aerodynamics, it takes a little of the weight, after my calculations

But I must admit I like the shape, a lot.

Again I am giving Qi Xia a very high standard in their producing yoyos.

yoke2 by peterlovbjerg, on Flickr
The Yoke in front of som handpainted Japanese art

Measuring system:

You can get 12 bearings. 6 for price and appearance. 6 for play and abilities.

6 steel ball bearing. Maximum for beginner’s yoyos

6 gold bearing. Maximum for mediate yoyos

6 ceramic bearing. Maximum for expert yoyos

The Qi Xia Yoke I have to give 6 ceramic for the price and appearance.

It’s cheap and the yoyo looks very cool, shining silver. You can also get it in black.

6 for play and abilities. It act like any expert yoyo, no matter what you do,

I’ve tried to make things I’m not so secure in and found that I’m felt secure with this yoyo.

I almost got to a new level. The last step I expert yoing where you see what you should do and then do it.

Man I’ve though I never would come to that point.

Again I gave a top character 12 ceramic bearings. I love this Yoyo. I think you’d would love it too.

where to buy this awesome yoyo:



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